At BAGG, we supply a wide variety of planning, engineering, quality assurance and testing services during much of the project cycle.

Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring services consist of observation and testing of earthwork, foundation construction, and remedial construction. Also included are installation and reading of monitoring devices. We also provide special inspection of asphalt, concrete, masonry, and steel. The purpose of providing quality control observation and monitoring services is to:

  • evaluate compliance with recommendations and approved construction plans and specifications,
  • verify that subsurface conditions encountered during construction are similar to those anticipated during the design phase,
  • work with clients and contractors to develop additional recommendations for unanticipated conditions encountered during the design phase.

Field observation services typically relate to:

  • observations and in-place compaction testing of soils,
  • foundation inspection and certification of grading operations,
  • installation of deep foundations such as driven piles, drilled piers, and geopiers,
  • backfilling of utility trenches and excavations,
  • construction of contamination control, measures,
  • special inspection of concrete,
  • special inspection of masonry ,
  • special inspection of asphalt ,
  • bolt tension testing, and
  • shop and field special inspection.

Our testing and inspection personnel are certified by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the American Welding Society (AWS), and CalTrans.

Largely because of the broad experience of the staff, repeat clients have made field observation services into a BAGG specialty.

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